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Education Giving - Learn more about making donations

Help students attend school, obtain a degree and get a job upon graduation!

Through donor choice, feedback and social media tools that drive industry-leading efficiency, the 3-pronged mission of Education Giving empowers the donor. Our system is unique.

Education Giving, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, was founded on three key principles:

  1. Education is one of the most important assets a person can obtain,
  2. Many people simply cannot afford to attend the school of their dreams and
  3. Donors want to direct the use and gain feedback on how their charitable donations are being used.

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You, the donor, determine how you want your education-related, tax-deductible donations to be utilized, and we allocate your donation to specific students that align with your giving criteria. Donations can be directed to a specific school, type of school or type of student…or simply donate to the general fund and we will allocate the funds to students in need.

Through our robust database of schools, Education Giving supports over 35,000 colleges, universities, community colleges, trade schools and private kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school (k-12) schools in the United States and abroad.

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Donors choose how their funds should be allocated by designating either a school name, school type, school geography or a student’s ethnicity, religion, sports, activities and / or major. Correspondingly, students create a profile that can include either their school’s name, type of school or their ethnicity, sports, activities, major, religion and / or geography.

On a quarterly basis, Education Giving allocates the funds to students that align with donors’ criteria, and submits the funds to designated schools on behalf of a specific student.

In addition to providing funds to help students attend school, Education Giving also monitors student-recipients’ progress and provides coaching, assistance and tips to help them graduate. As our student-recipients progress through their studies, Education Giving is ready to provide resume preparation, interviewing tips and job search skills to complete their education journey.

For the donor, Education Giving provides status reports to close the loop and provide transparency to how the donated funds are being utilized. Whether the donor chooses their funds to be used for tuition, room and board and other education-related expenses, or job search, resume preparation or interviewing skills, Education Giving is focused on ensuring that each donor knows exactly how their donation is being utilized, and the benefits generated.

Your donations are 100% tax-deductible. Through Education Giving, you can touch the lives of students by making 100% tax-deductible donations for education. Students are dependent upon your generosity!

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